Why are professional photos such an important aspect of marketing your home?

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Why are professional photos such an important part of the home selling process?

First of all, a huge percentage of buyers across all age groups begin their home search online. In fact, experts estimate that more than 95% of homebuyers start looking at homes on the Internet.

As a result, buyers decide which homes to see in person based on the photos or videos of your home that they see online. A listing isn’t just a description of the house anymore. You need photos to create an emotional connection between the buyer and your house before they even step foot in it.

Objectively speaking, buyers will get a better idea of what your home is really like by looking at professional photos rather than pictures you take on your phone. Professional photographers understand how to properly light your home and they have the right equipment to showcase the positive features of your home to online buyers. Perhaps more importantly, we want to be at the top of buyers’ lists before they ever come out to see our listings. Being a buyer’s number one choice helps support our pricing – the buyer is excited to see the home in person and has a high opinion of value based on what they see. On the flip side, if a listing barely makes a buyer’s list due to poor presentation, their opinion of value starts low and has to be pulled up from the poor initial impression. This can cost a seller money due to longer marketing time and lower offers.

The whole point of marketing your house is to get someone to come see it in person. If someone clicks through your listing photos and then moves on to the next listing, your listing photos probably didn’t do their job.

To sell quickly and for the most money, you need an agent who uses professional photos and video to market your home. When interviewing agents, make sure this is one of the questions you ask. It can’t be overstated how important a well prepared and presented home impacts the home seller. It’s also important to note that not all “professional” photographers provide the same quality of work. Make sure to look at the agent’s past listings to make sure the photos wow you.

The Gillies Team takes professional photos for all of our listings, in addition to offering a consultation with a professional home stager so you know you’re 100% ready for the photographer to capture your home at its very best. Remember, preparation, presentation, and exposure help you get the most money for your house as quickly as possible.

If you have any other questions about professional photos or about the home selling process in general, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!