When it comes to a real estate transaction, you’ve got one shot to do things right. Why work with just one agent when you could have a team of people all working to make your transaction go smoothly?

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Today I want to talk about the difference hiring a team of agents can make for your transaction.

Obviously, you want the process of selling your home to go as smoothly as possible. For this to be achieved, you’ll need to have good, strong communication with whoever you’re working with.

When you work with a team, you’ve got the benefit of having a number of people taking care of the many steps of the real estate process, instead of just one agent trying to take on all the work him or herself. Having multiple people dividing up the work of completing pricing analysis, staging, taking photos, marketing your home, negotiating contracts, hosting showings, scheduling inspections, processing hundreds of pages of paperwork and more, will really help things move more smoothly.

A single person only has a finite amount of energy they can expend and direct into the important tasks of the real estate process. One person dividing their time and energy is much less effective than having a team of individuals all focusing on different parts of the process.

When you work with a team, you are working with people who are specialized in different areas. On my team, for example, we separate out our listing specialists and buying specialists.

The job of a listing specialist and that of a buying specialist are very different. A listing specialist needs to spend their time working on pricing, marketing, and creating exposure for sellers. A buyer’s agent needs to have time available to spend on the road with their clients, making sure they have the right perspective to make a good decision.


One person trying to do both of these jobs and more would cause every area of their work to suffer.

Teams like ours also have staff working on the process to make things go more smoothly for clients. On our team, we have a marketing coordinator whose only job is to make sure that all of the marketing details are taken care of in a timely, efficient manner.

Real estate transactions are all about timing. For this reason, our team uses a transaction coordinator to help finalize all of the details of the sale.

Utilizing a team of staff members and agents is hugely beneficial in helping the transaction to move forward smoothly. When it comes to a real estate transaction, you get one shot to do it right. Would you rather have one person working on your behalf, or would you rather work with a team of specialists?

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.